Portland, OR

Bio: Hello. My name is Anna Lee. This is my blog. So you can get a feel for what kind of person I am before you go reading my random thoughts; a list of my top 4 dislikes: 1. Mickey Mouse. (He's nothing like a real mouse. Maybe if he changed his name to something more accurate, I'd be a fan.) 2. White picket fences. Who are we kidding? Those things are almost impossible to keep clean, just like the rest of the American dream. 3. School buses. Festering germ-pools of obnoxious, underdeveloped humans. 4. Children singing. Tone deaf, much? As is natural, this will be followed by a question: Anna Lee, are you a bad person? Put simply, No. Also, you should know that I have an unbridled love of molasses that cannot be tamed. A few years ago, I thought my calling was to reinvent the use of molasses into the savory food scene. This is important for you to know. Now you know a little bit about me, and as you read my blog, you'll find out more. Spoiler alert: I like to swear and be sarcastic. Thanks for being here regardless. Welcome, and enjoy. (Also I love the oxford comma.)

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Thoughts? Feelings? Observations? I can't wait to read them!

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