The Launch

Launching a new blog can be daunting, if you’ve blogged before: you know.

First there is the task of finding your mission and passion, narrowing it down to something that is a form of self expression, while being easily accessible to your audience. In this inaugural post, I want to express my motivation for this blog in hopes that I will find an audience that can have an enriching experience through my writing.

That being said, I love to cook. I always have. There were countless times where I, as a home-schooled girl of a young age, would traipse to the nearby elementary school and browse the library to expand my knowledge of food. There was a series of books there that introduced the younger audience to recipes and dining customs of diverse cultures around the world. Though my family was large and meal plans were strict and well defined, I checked out countless of those books and took them home to devour them with my eyes and my mind, seriously interested as to how those around the world nourished themselves. I then learned about the history of American cooking and that led me to reading vintage cookbooks, everything from the original Joy Of Cooking to Better Homes and Gardens, and a little vintage book from the 40’s of “just for kids” holiday recipes that thoroughly delighted me (though I fear the name of this book has fled my memory forever).

Fast forward to three years ago. With this long held passion and hunger for knowledge (pun definitely intended), I attended a culinary school here in magical Portland, Oregon and graduated 15 months later with a culinary certificate. While I enjoyed my formal education and learned so much through it, I have always known in my heart one thing: Cooks learn from each other’s collective experiences. This is an obvious statement in many ways. However, in realizing that, I knew that I wanted someday to create an informal, non-professional, comfortable environment while people who want to learn can do just that. Cooking should be simple, easy and delicious, and anyone should be able to do it. I firmly believe in my heart of hearts that anyone can cook and everyone should.

This blog is intended to be a place where you can do just that. I hope to bring forth simple, seasonal, delicious recipes that anyone can make, whether you are a seasoned pro and have great advice for me, or whether you’re a novice looking to expand your know-how. It is my heart that single moms who have 30 minutes to prepare dinner for three will find inspiration here; that 20-somethings wanting to impress a special someone will find what they need to know; that the person who is hard pressed to find motivation to cook when they’re cooking for only their own mouth will find that recipe to give them the will and the knowledge that they are indeed worthy of a delicious and home-cooked meal, even in their solidarity.

Food is about community, and that’s what I want to build with this blog. I hope you join me on that journey. That being said, I am not the most experienced of all chefs ever (obvious). I am young, and I am still learning. What I want is for us to teach each other and continue that process, because it is never over. Will you join me?


Thoughts? Feelings? Observations? I can't wait to read them!

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